Julep Maven Welcome Box Unboxing

JM1The Julep Maven Summer Brights Welcome Box has just arrived!

As an official newbie to Julep Maven, let us ask the question: What the heck is Julep Maven..? 

The founder and CEO of Julep, Jane Park, created a subscription service that sends nail and beauty products to your home every month! The items sent to you can range from nail polish, lipgloss, to beauty tools that are chosen by you or their staff based upon your beauty profile.

Let us open and see the goods

Photo 3

Omg, the goods.

Photo 7

The moment you open the box it comes with 2 little pamphlets and 1 booklet that describes a basic overview with the company, what they’re about, their subscription services, products, social media sites, and more!

Photo 4

The Summer Brights Welcome Box includes 4 products!

From left to right : 1 lipgloss and 3 nail polishes.

Photo 6

1Julep Lip GlossGraceful (.25 fl oz.,7.5 mL)

“Sheer pale pink. Unstoppable shine, luscious hydration,” Julep’s Description.

This product is very sheer indeed. It’s a nice very light pink and smells like vanilla cake, to me at least. Good weight, easy to apply, you can take it anywhere. It’s a pretty nice introductory product that I received from Julep so I’m curious to know what products I’ll receive in their upcoming June Box!

2. Julep Nail Polish – Kayla (.27fl oz., 8mL)

I love this nail color and the name. But what makes Julep different from their other competitors is that their description on their nail products is:

  • Dries ultra fast & allows 30% more oxygen to permeate the nail bed than other nail polish
  • Reveals stronger, harder & more conditioned nails in just two weeks

They even claim that it makes your manicures last much longer. So I definitely wanna try Julep’s nail polish out!

3. Julep Nail PolishMariska (.27fl oz., 8mL)

A lovely orange hue, perfect and ready for the summer indeed! It’s a good shade of orange and I honestly haven’t worn this bold color in 3 years…So, I think it’s about time I try it out!

4. Julep Nail Polish Caitlin (.27fl oz., 8mL)

Hardcore bold bright pink. I like the color a lot, I love my natural nude hues but once in awhile I gotta bring out the bold!  I’ve used a bold pink such as this before last summer and I got a lot of compliments. So I definitely will be wearing this color under the sun with my shades!

Overall :  [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

In my opinion, I thought the Summer Brights Welcome Box was worth it. The moment I had subscribed– about 1 week later this lovely goody box popped up at my door. Julep has special offers and if you subscribe now you can get a free welcome box, just pay s+h for $2.99! After receiving the Welcome Box, their regular subscription is $24.99/monthly. I’m excited to review more Julep boxes and wanting to see how long my darn manicure lasts because let me tell ya.. Mine really doesn’t last that long. LOL

Click here to receive your Welcome Box today! 🙂



  1. I have received a lot of really nice things from the Julep box. It was one of my favorite subscriptions. I had to stop because my nail polish collection was just crazy. I love their nail polish, I’m wearing one on my nails today, (Upcoming post.) Definitely worth the money! 🙂 Their eye shadows are bomb too!


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