Beauty Box 5 – Mystery Box Unboxing

I got 3 BeautyBox5 boxes for May so I’ll start with the first one I opened:


The Mystery Box

So BeautyBox5 is a monthly beauty subscription service that sends out 5 beauty products ranging from skin, hair, beauty items, and more based upon your own beauty survey. They can be either sample or full size products from a huge selection of brands that you can also purchase from their own shop online.

So here we go.


A little informational card about their social media and spreading the word about BeautyBox5 but since it’s a mystery box, it doesn’t come with the traditional list of products provided.

It’s a true mystery.  ( o _o);;;;


The goods.


1. After Feather – Refillable Bottle – 2 fl. oz

  • A nice travel size bottle with a cute design on it. It’s definitely a useful item for on the go and I’ve used these before for showering at the gym. It’s still pretty unexpected and kinda wasn’t too happy to see it.


2. Dove – Deep Moisture Body Wash – 1.8 fl oz. / 53 mL

  • I actually use Dove sometimes so I’m pretty familiar with this product. It’s cute in a travel size and something I’d definitely use but wasn’t too excited for it.


3. bellapierre – Cheek & Lip Stain – Pink

  • For your cheeks and lips indeed, I’m curious about this little product and pretty satisfied with it. The interesting thing about bellapierre cosmetics is that they’re cruelty free and natural but I definitely won’t go heavy on this cheek and lip stain because it’s a little bit bright for my taste.


4. Loreal – #143: the reign of studs.

  • Intense glittery dark purple nail polish. On Loreal’s site it retails for $6.99 but you can get it for much cheaper at Wal-Mart ($3-4) or even eBay where there was a listing for $1.99. It’s a nice color–not really my favorite and the glitter was so hard to remove– but it’s a decent polish.


5. Embelleze Novex – Brazilian Keratin

  • I’ll definitely be trying this out. On the packet, the product is “good for all hair types” and is an “extra deep hair care cream”. The rest is all in Brazilian but it seems to have some decent reviews on it online so I’ll give it a go when it’s hair wash day.

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

It’s a decent box, I totally dig the bellapierre blush and Brazilian keratin. The blush is very pink but it still blends pretty well. The travel bottle I’ll keep and the body wash of course but I’ll pass the nail polish to my cousin.

😀 So what do you like about Beauty Box 5?


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