Memebox Mayday Review!


Memebox: Mayday #EmergencyCare Box

So, today I received my Memebox: Mayday #EmergencyCare Box.

But wait—- What is a Memebox..? A..A meme? 

Memebox is a Korean Beauty store that sells kbeauty products individually or in themed styled boxes. They’re well known for their skincare and make up boxes that can make any girl giddy when seeing the pink box at their doorstep. Throughout the year, Memebox launches various boxes that include full sized beauty items but you have to be quick–they sell out fast!

So onto the amazing Korean goods.

Lovely Description Card. 😀


Omg, the goods..!        ( O A O ) /) *come to me, my goods!*


The Mayday #EmergencyCare box includes 5 beauty products along with the traditional information card about each individual Korean beauty item.


1. Skinfood Peach Sake Toner : Full-Size 135ml ($18)

  • I’m actually pretty new to the toner scene. But when I tried this out, the smell was wonderfully peachy and I applied a light dab of it on my face, especially my T-Zone. I’ve only used this product about twice, so I’m bound to see what results I’ll get but so far this product hasn’t irritated or bother my sensitive skin at all.


2. Secretkey Black Out Pore Minimizing Pack : Full-Size 100g ($12.96)

  • “This mask can clean pores and purify the skin. It’s formulated with black ingredients to tighten and clean.” I’m definitely excited to try this bad boy out and wonder if this’ll be part of my “Featured Empties” section in the future. I have issues when it comes to pores so this product is a must try and also one of the reasons I got this box!


3. Holika Holika Vita UP! Facial Water Mist Violet : Full-Size 100g ($10.88)

  • This product is primarily focused on hydrating skin so it’s definitely for the dry-flaky skin customer. I have combination skin and I’ve tried this product during my night routine. So far, it’s made my skin feel pretty nice and supple but I do prefer my night time cream instead. It doesn’t make my skin oily at all and also packed with natural vitamins to make the skin youthful and hydrated!


4. Holika Holika Cover & Hiding Liquid Concealer | Full-Size 3.5g ($14.40)

  • I’ll be honest, I was nervous about the color being a little too light but concealers for me tend to always be a shade or two brighter than my regular foundation. It was a decent product and I didn’t find it too heavy on my face, I did apply very lightly because of the color though. This Holika Holika concealer was easy to blend and light too.


5. Skinfood Extra Virgin Olive Essence : Full-Size 60ml ($9.40)

  • For this product, the Skinfood Extra Virgin Olive Essence targets dry, dull looking, or damaged hair. When I tried this product my hair wasn’t too bad because I recently had a haircut so I was definitely curious to know what would happen when I applied this on my hair. I applied a small amount, about 2 squirts to my hair tips, and I could definitely feel the oil on it but it wasn’t too bad. I’ll definitely use this product when the humidity busts in during the summer and my hair starts to have a mind a on its own.

Overall :  [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

I personally loved Memebox’s Mayday #EmergencyCare Box! I’m particularly happy with SecretKey’s Blackout Pore Minimizing Pack and Skinfood’s Peach Sake Toner.

What recent Memeboxes and items did you get?


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