Beauty Box 5 May Unboxing

A lovely unboxing/review of May’s BeautyBox5

So BeautyBox5 is a monthly beauty subscription service that sends out 5 beauty products ranging from skin, hair, beauty items, and more based upon your own beauty survey. They can be either sample or full size products from a huge selection of brands that you can also purchase from their shop online.

I received 3 boxes from BeautyBox5 last month so here’s the last one I received for May.


Theme for May’s BeautyBox5 is : S.O.S.


This box contains 5 products.


1. Bio Swiss – Stainless Steel Mini Tweezer | Retail: $4.99

  • Useful little tweezers that are seriously half the size of regular ones. This cute little hair plucker is good as a travel size piece.


2. Dermalogica – Active Moist | Retail: $60.00 , 3.4 oz

  • Definitely shocked that the full size is $60 bucks. But overall, Dermalogica products are common so I’m somewhat familiar with them. I was pretty satisfied because this sample, it worked well on my skin even after applying makeup!


3. Styli-Style – Blush/Highlighter Stick | Retail: $5.99 0.21 fl oz

  • I’m new to this brand and I’ve never heard them before so I’m excited to try this out! It’s a nice brownish shade so it’s good for my olive skin tone so it can appear more naturally.


4. Ahava – 3 Sample Pack | Retail: $ 23.00 – $ 42.00, 1.7-3.4 oz

  • I’m mostly excited to try their mud mask! Foil packets are a 50/50 win for me but I’m pretty happy I received this. It also comes with a moisturizer and a mineral hand cream.


5. Coastal Scents – Classic/Synthetic Brush | Retail: $1.95-2.49

This soft brush is one of my favorites from the May Box. It definitely is one soft bristled brush and I can easily apply shadow on my eyes with no problem.

Overall : [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

Definitely one of their better boxes and I’m curious for the next following months. But can’t wait to try their brush and also the Ahava sample pack!

So, interested in a box? Join here!


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