NewBeauty May TestTube Unboxing!


NewBeauty‘s TestTube brings the latest beauty breakthroughs and products from deluxe to full-size items. They only ship out TestTube’s 6x a year– so about every 2 months– which gives you time to test and review their products! Subscribers will also get a NewBeauty magazine that’s delivered quarterly!

On to the goods.


It also comes with a little lengthy booklet about each product and their editors. (Like 12 pages) But I’ll discuss the products down below!


1. Dr. Brandt Skincare – Needles No More – Full size: 0.5 fl oz.; $89

  • I’ve only tried this sample 1 time and I have more left for the next couple nights. I’m pretty excited for this sample because it’s mainly focused on reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Who doesn’t want that, huh?


2. Lids By Design – Medical grade instant eyelift tape – Full size: 80-count 3mm or 72 count 4mm strips, $29.99 ea

  • I haven’t tried these out but I’m familiar with them. Basically, they’re little pieces of tape that’s safe to use for your eyelids to lift and give a more youthful look. I’ve seem a couple of ‘how to apply’ them on Asian beauty tutorials in Youtube and they do change your appearance a bit. Maybe I’ll give ’em a try.   : D


3. It’s a 10 – Miracle silk leave in – Travel size: 2 fl oz., $14.96

  • I’ve used this brand before but a different product. I personally like it and it’s easy to apply on after the shower while leaving my hair pretty soft. As for styling: it helps a bit and doesn’t leave much tangles in it as well.


4. Tan Towel – Combo Pack – Ranging from $15-30

  • This is definitely a new product for me so I’m curious and nervous at the same time. It’s basically a lovely little towelette that is supposed to give that sun kiss look and is a great alternative to regular tanning.


5. Patchology – Hydrate FlashMasque Facial Sheets – Full size 8 Facial Sheets; $50

  • Had so much fun with this product! One of my favorites– it left my face so baby soft after applying it for 15 mins. and I’m pretty picky with my sheet masks too. I definitely want the full product. But 8 sheets for $50 bucks..uhm….Nope. Love you, New Beauty. ( e ue);;;


6. Hada Labo Tokyo – Replenishing Hydrator – Full size : 1.7 fl oz; $17.99

  • So very excited to try this one out. I’ve seen several Hada Labo Tokyo items but this product is particularly new to me. It’s used as a replenishing hydrator meant to penetrate the skin for deep hydration. It’s also lightweight and fragrance free for anyone with sensitive noses out there.


7. glō therapeutics – Gentle Cream Cleanser – Full size: 6.7 fl oz.; $37

  • It really did remove the excess oil and made my skin soft. My first time I had applied it I had left it longer than the recommended 60 seconds (someone had to phone call me at that moment) and I wasn’t sure if it was a burning sensation I felt or if the cream made my face freeze! It’s really a light almost oily creamy texture that goes on smoothly as well and haven’t had any problems since then.


And item number 8 ;  This lovely Silica Gel thing that you absolutely must not diges– Anywho.

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] 

I’m digging this box. I am feeling a little bit iffy towards the Lids by Design and It’s a 10’s miracle silk (I have their Keratin one already and I’m barely reaching halfway through it but I love it! ) But overall, I was pretty satisfied with the box and I love Patchology’s facial sheets so I’m very pleased I received this sample.

So are you diggin’ this month’s box?

Stay within NewBeauty’s Testtube circle and get a box! You can get one here!


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