Petit Vour May Unboxing <3


Petit Vour is a beauty subscription service that ships cruelty free and vegan products sent to you every month. Each box comes with 4 products that ranges from skincare – makeup – to hair care from cosmetic and beauty brands that don’t do animal testing such as Pacifica, Lippygirl, Everyday Minerals, and more.

So let’s see what luxurious cruelty free products Petit Vour had delivered!


Oh, boy. The goods.



So this month’s theme is: “Pretty Powerful”

It also comes with an information card about each product.


4 lovely cruelty free products.


1. Lippy Girl – Vegocentric Organic Lipstick – Schmoopy

  • I love the color a lot and it also gives a matte look to your lips as well. Lippy Girl’s lipstick is also organic and 100% recyclable. The name I can’t get over —Schmoopy. ;D


2. nyl – Shimmer Scrub

  • “100% organic, handmade, non-toxic alternative to shaving cream” I’m actually pretty excited to be trying out this product, mainly for the shimmery effect but I need a good exfoliator too. And it smells absolutely amazing too!


3. Zabana Essentials – Dry Glow Shampoo – shimmery

  • This product is 100% natural and in all honesty– I’ve never tried a powder dry shampoo before so this is a perfect chance to see how I like it! The info. card states, “Adds subtle shimmer”, so I definitely want to see if my hair starts shimmering in the sunlight at the beach!
  • Little Update: So when I tried it, it wasn’t too shimmery unless you were 2 feet away but it works very well. It took away the excess oil and really added volume to my hair so A+ for sure!


4. MUN – No. 11 Anarose Toner

  • The MUN toner is made only with organic and natural ingredients. It’s made for, “softening and soothing for dry/stressed skin”. When I applied this on my face after washing, the scent did have a flowery aroma to it and the toner made my skin silky soft too. Not only that, toners are always fantastic to put on to help balance your skin’s natural pH level!


Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

I’m pretty pleased with this box and all the cruelty free products I received. I’m most excited for nyl’s shimmer scrub and LippyGirl’s Schmoopy lipstick. I’m proud of Petit Vour’s mission on bringing make up products that do not do animal testing. All the products are good quality and I’m excited for more!

So definitely give Petit Vour a try and subscribe!


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