Popsugar MustHaveBox for June Unboxing!

POPSUGAR’s Must Have box sends out products ranging from beauty, fashion, food, fitness, entertainment, home, lifestyle,  and more. It’s the perfect little surprise box that is worth the buck since a lot of their boxes cost more than the monthly subscription!

So very excited for this month’s POPSUGAR’s MustHaveBox!


Total: 6 amazing items and 1 surprising giftcard.


1. Quay AustraliaMandate Sunglasses | Suggested Retail: $45

  • I absolutely love these sunglasses and they’re perfect for the summer. They have a matte like finish and look so good on I wore it the same day I received them. Lmao.


2. Judy Blume’sIn the Unlikely Event | Suggested Retail: $ 27.95

  • I was very surprised to see an actual book in this box especially since the retail value is almost 30 dollars. I’m pretty excited to read this since my head is always wrapped with paperwork or textbooks. So thank you POPSUGAR & Judy Blume. ❤


3. PacificaEnlighten Eye Brightening Shadow Palette | Suggested Retail: $14

  • I love this eye shadow palette a lotttt. It’s natural and made out of coconut but also the shades are so beautifully well made. The colors consist of (from left to right): Skinnydip-matte nude base or used as a universal highlighter, Coral sand– satin coral lid base, Golden– perfect gold with a hint of shimmer for lids or highlighting, and Urchin– an iridescent purple with gold tones that are perfect for lining and crease.


4. YogitoesPeacock hBand | Suggested Retail: $4

  • A comfortable head band that I already used for my morning walk. I love how big it is because it gets all those little hairs that tend to not stay out of the way.


5. SPONGELLÉ – Boxed Flowers-Fleur en Boîte | Suggested Retail: $16

  • This smells so amazing. I haven’t used it or opened it in over a week and I left it on my bedroom table but the scent still lingers in my room. After usage, there was a good difference in my skin–it felt so soft– and I definitely love this more than my regular loofa.



  • A pretty good gummy chewy candy. I wasn’t sure if I was getting any energy from it but it definitely was a good snack at least!


7. Sweet & Spark$30 Gift Card

  • An actual $30 gift card for Sweet & Spark’s store (www.sweetandspark.com). They sell beautifully curated jewelry ranging from bracelets, rings, necklaces, brooches, and more for anyone interested in looking fabulous. This store holds various amounts of vintage jewelry that you are more than likely to fall in love with.

Join POPSUGAR now and get 5 bucks off using MUSTHAVE5 at checkout!

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

A pretty good box in my opinion. My absolute fav’s were Pacifica’s eyeshadow palette, Quay Australia’s eyeglasses, and Spongelle’s buffer.

So what was your favorite about June’s Popsugar MustHaveBox?


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