Equitance Skin Care Review !

Their Equitance trial kit sells at $37 but use code ‘FBTKIT‘ to only get it for $5.

A company founded in Japan, “Equitance Skin Care brings precisely balanced botanicals and clinically proven technology together to continuously brighten the skin”. Their research and products have been featured by InStyle, Shang Magazine, and more. I actually received this trial kit from a recommendation from Influenster. (So sign up with them to get a chance to review amazing things such as their VoxBox.)

So I tried out their trial kit and I’m pretty pleased with the items I received and the improvement of my skin.


So it comes with 4 main skincare products along with 1 foil packet of spf 36 sunscreen and vitamins for your skin.


They have such pretty packaging. It comes with a little booklet discussing their philosophy for beauty:

” Beauty= lifestyle. | Balancing mind, body and spirit. |  “


1. Brightening Foaming Cleanser

  • Loved the cleanser a lot and the fragrance. It really cleansed my face and removed my make up for the day easily. Although, I felt like I needed to put something on it afterwards.

2. Brightening Toning Lotion

  • This toner is very delicate. When I applied it to my face with a cotton ball, I was surprised I still had some debris from my foundation but the toner was very soft on my skin and made it feel very supple afterwards.

3. Brightening Serum + Spot corrector

  • This cute little serum made my face nice and moist. It absorbed quickly into my skin but it does look, after application, that my skin had a glow to it.

4. Hydrating Brightening Cream

  • Unfortunately this cream didn’t last long for me. It was actually the first one to empty which really upset me. It’s in a smaller tube than the cleanser but I loved it. It absorbed well on my skin and made it shimmer a little.

5. Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF36

  • This one came in a tiny little foil packet so I’m not sure how effective it was. I just applied the whole given amount on my face and it smelled like a soft perfume.

6. Skin Radiance – Dietary Supplement

  • Vitamins were the last thing I was expecting. But the directions state you have to take it, “six times a day with food“. It mainly contains “Eggshell membrane, Grape Seed Extract, Hesperidin, Yucca wood extract”. The eggshell membrane is primary which contains L-cystine- an amino acid commonly found in Japan to illuminate the skin. The trial kit only comes with 3 packets so I wasn’t sure if there was much of a difference.


Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

The trial kit lasted about a week for me and I’m sure you can get results if you were to take it longer. You have to use the kit about 2x a day for the skincare routine but the sunscreen and vitamins last only a few days.

I feel like I need to test it out longer to see if I really like it.

Here’s a link to the Equitance Skin Care Trial Kit.


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