Julep June 2015 Unxboxing!

Julep is a monthly beauty nail subscription service that offers nail care, make-up, beauty tools, and more! They are currently offering customers to CUSTOMIZE their monthly boxes where you or your friends can pick out specific products so you know what you’re getting!





1. Lillian (top) & Brigette (bottom)

  • Lillian has a slight pastel pink to it and Brigette is more matte white.


2. Don’t Leave Your Brows at Home – Cool Brown

  • I love the angled brow brush. The compressed powder was alright but I was definitely impressed for this 2-in-1 combo.


3. Chupa Chups – Lime and Orange

  • Delicious cute little lollipops that have a better quality compared to Dum Dums.


Bonus gift:

4. Drew

  • The bonus gift is usually a random nail polish color from a previous collection. I wasn’t really excited to see another pink shade but hey, it didn’t cost me anything to receive this one.

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] 

A pretty good box with soft shades this time for me. I definitely love the brow pencil the most though. ❤ Works fantastic when shading in properly!

So what colors did you get for June’s Julep Box?


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