Beauteque BBag June 2015 !

Beauteque offers a Korean beauty monthly subscription service that sends out various full size products from makeup, skincare, and more. Their Beauty Bag is their most popular subscription along with their new subscription- Mask Maven.

June’s exciting Beauty Bag


This month’s Beauteque’s BBag theme is: Sizzling Summer

Total products: 7 + a cute make up bag! 


1. BaviphatStrawberry Toxifying Mask – Retail: $26

  • A toxifying mask packaged in a cute strawberry. I haven’t tried this out yet but I’m definitely willing.

2. May IslandPeach Hand Cream – Retail: $6

  • This lovely packaged peach contains: extracts of peach, apricot and shea butter. Not only that ,it smells amazing and absorbs well on my skin. The texture is a little bit creamy too and felt slightly oily.

3. BaviphatPeach All-in-One Peeling Gel Mini – Retail :5

  • I wasn’t really expecting this to be a peeling gel. And you really don’t need much of the product to feel the full effect. I haven’t tried this product out yet and I’m a bit nervous to. LOL.


4. TonyMoly Timeless EGF Second Skin Eye Goggles – Retail: $7

  • I’ve had my share of sheet masks but this one takes the cake. It’s actually in the shape of goggles that goes only over your eyelids and upper face.


5. iCharmingWitch’s Pouch – Lip & Eye Remover | Retail: $10

  • This is something I actually needed. When I tried this product out, I was surprised how easy my make up came off. I love the fact that it has collagen, gentle on my eyes, and I only needed about 4-5 drops of it. It took about 2 swipes to remove all of my eyeshadow but about another 2 to get that pesky waterproof liquid eyeliner off. Either way, still smooth and I didn’t have to apply harsh pressure to remove the makeup. So definitely my favorite product I’ve received.


6. TonyMoly Cotton Nail Ball – Retail: $4

  • When I first saw this, I seriously thought it was cotton candy and thought to myself, “How in the world did this not melt in the postage?” But I finally realized they were actually cotton balls after reading the container. I really need some for to use to remove make up but I’ll just stick with what the packaging says: Nails. Cute for any manicure!


7. iCharming – Nail Polish : Energy Purple – Retail: $5

  • This cute light purple glittery nail polish was a little questionable for my taste but when I applied it on my nails, it really wasn’t so bad.

Overall: [

Totally love this month’s bag from Beauteque. I’m loving the bag and a good majority of the products. Although, I’m really curious about the Peach Mini Peeling Gel and the Strawberry Toxifying Mask. I love masks so I’m very pleased Beauteque included this. My personal favorite would have to be the ‘Lip & Eye’ remover from iCharming because it just removes make up off so easily and gently–I’ve already used it 5x. LOL.



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