Kawaiibox May 2015 Review!

I totally wanted to do a super cute ‘kawaii‘ unboxing. 😀 
Kawaiibox is a monthly subscription service that sends out various amazing lifestyle items from Japan and Korea. They send out items from a number of popular brands such as Totoro, Pocky, Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, and more. They cost for this monthly subscription service is $18.90 and shipping is free!


Total amount of items: 12


1. Okitoki Notebook Set

  • This adorable set comes with a little yellow mini clipboard, a pen, and the most adorable notebook ever.

2. Meiji Petit Gum

  • They’re so tiny and they have a slight grape flavor. I can’t exactly describe the taste but what amused me the most was that it was actual chewing gum.


3. Rilakkuma Mini Letter Set

  • So this Rilakkuma Letter Set theme is: Rilakkuma in Paris. There are several other themes and I was given this one which is absolutely cute.

4. Chocolate Bar Comb

  • It seriously looks like a pink chocolate bar. Hidden is a comb and mirror which are both useful.


5. Alpaca Stickers

  • These are probably the cutest little animal 3D sticker set I’ve ever received since..like middle school. Don’t worry, I’m definitely in love with this item and I’m gonna stick that little alpaca sticker right on the back of my phone case. Take that, kawaii-ness. ❤

6. Harajuku Crepe Charm

  • Omg, this little crepe charm is so oddly realistic to me. I love this a lot and it’s so adorable with the little berries too!


7. Neon Bow Hair Band

  • I’ve already used this item and it’s an adorable little tie for your hair with a bow on it. At first, I had ridiculously believed it were shoelaces until I read the item list.

8. Alpaca Eraser 

  • I don’t know if I’d want to erase anything with this cute little alpaca eraser. It’s also lightly sprinkled with cutesy glitter to add a little shine to it too!


9. Panda Color Pen

  • I don’t know why the picture came out blurry. I was probably too excited for the cuteness. There’s cute little pandas designed on the pen and also writes in a nice baby blue shade.

10. Banana Mini Plush

  • This is seriously my favorite item out of the whole box. I mean come on, it’s a banana plush. Not only that, it has a cute face too!


11. Doughnut Squishy Charm

  • I think I’m missing some sprinkles at the bottom. This is my first official owned ‘squishy’ ever. They’re quite popular in Japan and I’ve seen a couple of people with them. This cute little Hello Kitty Doughnut squishy is amazingly ..’squishy’. You can hang this as a part of your keychain, cellphone, dashboard, or anywhere you like. So cute.

12. Alpaca Card Holder

  • This cute little pastel alpaca has a little bow on it. You can hold your ID or cards and whatnot while keeping it attached to your purse, keys, or just holding it in your hand. This is so cute I might as well hang this on my bag too!

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

Um.. Yea. I totally love Kawaiibox. It’s a little bit different from the usual beauty boxes I’ve been receiving but that’s okay with me. I love the little lifestyle boxes. Especially that banana plushie.

You can also check out Blippo, KawaiiBox’s origin, to buy these items separately or other super kawaii items. Use code: KAWAIILOVE to get 10% off + free shipping

Have a totes kawaii weekend! 😀



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