Cutie QBOX June 2015 Review!

A June review to kick off the start of #sizzling July.

Get Q-Box (like, ‘Oh my goodness–So ‘Kyoo Box’), offers a monthly subscription service that delivers various lifestyle #Kawaii (cute) items from Japan and Korea every month.


Total of Kawaii Items: 9

There wasn’t any description or information card so I’ll be winging some of these items.

wpid-20150630_101025.jpg wpid-20150630_101042.jpg

1. Totoro– 4 piece notepad set

  • Anywho, this notepad set is so adorable. If you’re a Totoro fan then this is definitely for you, it comes with 4 different pads and designs to write down your lists or reminders for the day.


2. Lovely Tape – 2 piece one set: Royal Crown and Checkerboard prints.

  • So it comes with a royal crown pattern and a checkerboard print. It’s actually my first time owning any stationary tape with designs on it so of course I found this absolutely cute!

wpid-20150630_095851.jpg wpid-20150630_095901.jpg

3. Rilakkuma– Bath sponge

  • I really did assume it was a sponge because of the backing and after some research I was still surprised — It really is a Rilakkuma sponge. Not only that, but it’s a bath sponge. So definitely use this for exfoliating and whatnot.


4. Planet and Rabbit Pin

  • The one on the left is a cute minty planet with a bunny hanging from a chain connected to it. It’s a cute little pin and I’ll probably stick this on my tote bag.

5. Stars Necklace

  • Its a cute little necklace that’s simple and dainty. Comes with a red heart, star, and pink flower.


6. Fox Coinpurse/Wallet/Card holder etc.

  • This is such a cute little fox wallet. I’m definitely going to use these wherever I go.


7. Treein Art – Paper Straws

  • I couldn’t find these anywhere online. These are some cute little straws that add a little more style to your cups. They’re made out of paper and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were recycled as well. I love the cute little chevron designs and I’m probably going to use this at a restaurant and show off.

8. meiji – Black chocolate

  • This little piece of chocolate was already melting in the hot summer heat but luckily didn’t explode in the package. It smells like milk chocolate but unfortunately I didn’t eat it because it melted outside of the packaging.


9. Girlwill – USB Bear humidifier

  • This little blue beared humidifier is totally adorable and surprisingly effect. It puffs up smoke from it’s head while absorbing water from a water bottle. Just plug in the USB connection to the wall and attach the compartments and the device works automatically. Humidifiers purify the air, suppress germs, resist dry eye, and etc. & are especially recommended for those with dry sinuses, allergies or asthma.

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

I liked the items I received for this month’s QBox. I’m particularly excited for Fox wallet, Rilakkuma sponge, and Totoro notepad set. My least favorite were the paper straws and chocolate but it’s definitely something I can use –(except the chocolate) Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the box and I’m curious to know what the next one will have! C:


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