Memebox: Feelin’ Eggy Mask & Cleanse Set

This one isn’t one of the traditional Memebox boxes– It’s one of the Value Sets that I received instead!

So this set contains an item for your pores, cleansing needs, and collagen for your eyes.


Total product count: 3


1. Skin Food -Fresh Celery Cleansing Tissue.

  • I would rather recommend the traditional liquid/foam cleansing technique instead of the pads. However, these cleansing wipes are good for traveling or on the go. The wipes itself are a little bit rough but definitely remove make up and hydrate the skin a bit. I only recommend that if you have some very good waterproof liquid eyeliner then just use your regular liquid remover or you’ll be rubbing way too hard. Also, that doesn’t look like celery on the packaging… more like the Asian bokchoy vegetable… LOL


2. Skin Food – Carrot Collagen Eye Sheet

  • I haven’t had a chance to try this out yet, but it’s, “a hydrogel eye mask that contains carrot extract and marine collagen to transform dry, wrinkled skin into a soft, firm texture.” I get a little dryness around the under eye area so I’m pretty curious how my skin will handle this.


3. Skin Food – Egg White Pore Mask

  • I definitely dig this mask. In fact, my grandmother and very own mother snuck a try before me. It looks like white plaster and the texture is pretty similar to it. But it did tighten up and I’m gonna give this a few more days to see the difference. I personally think the pores shrink and even my grandmother likes how it, “makes the skin soft and smooth, I feel so young” LOL.

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

Here’s a link from Memebox to check out the Feelin’ Eggy Mask & Cleanse Set & use this link to get $10 off.

I’m pretty satisfied, it’s a pretty basic set but are much needed essentials. Would definitely recommend this to those who are looking to experiment with facial masks or new to cleansing wipes!

Out of all the items, the Egg White Pore Mask is definitely my favorite so get your egg on and try it out!


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