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“Beauty tools are such a necessity.”

And when beauty tools and makeup are combined–Magic happens. Tools add more definition, make products easier to apply, good for your skin, and can are more hygienic. (Don’t forget to clean your brushes!)

So I was tagged by the fantabulastic R Cubed (Made of awesomeness, totally) and her amazing Must Have Beauty Tools post located here. Go check that gal, out.



  • Tag up to 5 people and let them know you tagged them.
  • List what you want, whether you have three things that are unbelievable or twenty.
  • No actual make-up, skincare, or haircare products on the list, just the tools/gadgets you use.


My list starts off pretty simple to the point where everyone uses or owns at least 3 of these tools.

Basic Beauty Tool Must Haves 

1. Mirror

  • Told you it was simple. 😀 This is probably the number one beauty tool must have. (Unless you’re pro at applying make up, eyeliner, lashes, etc. without one then dang–) Mirrors are so handy, you can use it to: See you’re reflection, make sure you don’t have a piece of chicken in between your teeth, apply make up, do your hair, use it to reflect the suns beam, use it while merging on the road, on Medusa etc. You get my point though. Lmao.

2. Nailcutter

  • Yes, a good majority of people around the world must have this beauty tool either in their bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, gym bag, purse, or even in a secret compartment that’s buried deep within the Earth’s equator. A nail cutter does the trick–Keeps your nails trim to your preference, fixes those pesky chips, and is definitely a good alternative cutter for wires & whatnot. Seriously.

3. Tweezers

  • This creative beauty tool is something that is used on a daily basis. Eyebrows are my main target area because there’s always a new hair I tend to miss so a quick pluck is a must. Of course, tweezers aren’t always meant to maintain the perfect brow but can also be used for: applying false eyelashes, assisting with applying nail jewelry, removing splinters/thorns, ingrown hairs, and more. However, I did read one article that said used to remove eggshells when cooking. I pray it’s a different tweezer.


4. Facial Cleansing Brush

  • I actually received this item from my Petit Vour 2015 June Unboxing and I’ve been loving this little brush. It cleanses my face very well and removes excess makeup or dirt and impurities on my skin. I use it maybe 2-3x a week, depending upon how busy I am –but it does make my skin happier. But for this item I’m not expecting everyone to have lol

5. Kabuki Brush

  • My fifth and final item is a Kabuki brush that can assist with applying light to full coverage powders, bronzers, or blush. You can also use it for a little bit of contouring for your cheeks and other areas but also buff or blend. I personally love the kabuki brush because it’s provides good coverage for my face, is usually in a compact size for traveling, and is easy to apply make up with for a pretty well finished look. Definitely not gonna expect the whole world and universe to have this tool. 😀

So this ends my Basic Beauty Tools Must Have list and thanks to R Cubed for the Tagged: Must Have Beauty Tools.


Show me your tools!

(You only need a minimum of 5 but I’m actually curious what beauty tools you all use LOL)

Tagged: Must Have Beauty Tools: 

Have fun with your list ladies, get creative!



    • No no, it’s okay. LOL Basically you make your own blog post with similar format
      -copy/paste the topic (Tagged: Must Have Beauty Tools)
      -and the rules (Name your beauty tools, no actual make up, and tag or ask another blogger to answer the same topic, etc. etc.)
      -Then, your own personalized list of beauty tools (brushes, anything, a fish etc.)
      This was actually my first ‘tag’ from another blogger too. LOL So it’s all good. Don’t hesitate to ask me anymore questions, I hope it doesn’t sound confusing!!! D:

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