Glossybox July 2015

Glossybox sends out 5 full or deluxe size luxury beauty products each month for $21 by brands such as Jouer, Lancome, and more. Each Glossybox beauty item is handpicked by their staff based upon your unique beauty profile. They also have limited edition boxes that sell out quickly along with some fabulous products so go check out their site!


Total number of products: 5


1. KueshiAnticellulite BoosterFull Size $22.60 / 5.07 fl oz

  • I love the scent of this. It’s not floral or overpowering at all and definitely moistures my skin. Now, this is supposed to tackle cellulite and the best time is usually after a shower. I’ve only tried this maybe 5 times so I’m not sure if it works but I love using it.

2. Face StolkhomLiplinerFull Size $17.00 / .07 oz

  • A simple neutral toned lipliner that’s a good shade for my lips. It adds a slight matte look and the formula makes it easy to apply.

3. Hey HoneyI Peel Good!Full Size $59.00 / 1 oz

  • Can’t wait to try this product out. I’m pretty surprised the full size is practically 60 dollars but it supposedly, “improve skin’s elasticity and texture after even a single application..” I’m assuming it makes the skin soft obviously, but what’s amusing is the cream, “..also reduces stretch marks and leaves behind a lipid barrier to protect skin.” I’m mostly interested in the stretch mark concept and since I don’t really have any I’ll let my mom try this out too. Sharing is caring. 😀


4. Naked LipsOrganic Lip BalmFull Size $5.50 / .15 oz

  • Chapstick, Glossybox..? This Organic Lip Balm is rich in antioxidants from fruits and berries, also smells very good like peppermint too. The most interesting thing is, “..lick your lips; it’s good for you!” So, according to Glossybox’s description, I’m assuming it’s practically edible. 😀 lol

5. Novex HaircareBrazilian Keratin Extra Deep Hair Care CreamFull Size $16.99 / 35.3 oz

  • I’m pretty familiar with Novex Haircare, I actually received a foil packet BeautyBox5 a month or 2 back. I’m surprised how huge, this deluxe sample is. (Especially compared to a foil packet) This cream replenishes, repairs, restores, and smooths the hair but can also be left on overnight. I haven’t tried that number yet but I’ll give it a shot at the overnight application.

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] 

Interesting items for this July Glossybox with a not-so-sure how I feel about that balm. Lovin’ this month’s spoiler, Kueshi- Anticellulite Booster and Novex Hair Cream. And pretty curious on the results of that I Peel Good! from Hey Honey. ❤



  1. We got the anti cellulite cream in the UK edition last month. Not used it yet but smells nice in the tube! Trying to convince myself I don’t need it ☺️ – enjoy your goodies!

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  2. ok,. i have yet to meet a person that has done Glossybox and boxycharm. so have you tried boxy charm? and if so, which one do you prefer out of the two? because they are the same price and both send the full size or deluxe samples. I’ve been thinking about trying boxycharm.

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