PetitVour July 2015

Petit Vour is beauty subscription service that ships cruelty free and vegan products sent to you every month. Each box comes with 4 products that ranges from skincare – makeup – to hair care. So let’s see what we got here!

This month’s theme:

Cruelty-Free Summer


Petit Vour x Thoughtfully Mag

So Petit Vour has partnered with Thoughtfully Mag, a quarterly magazine with, “gorgeous editorials, mindful living tips, and inspiration on how to elevate your ethics, day-to-day.” You can check it out here and get 25% off any issue with the code ” PVxThoughtfully ” at checkout.


Total cruelty-free products: 4


1. routine.De-Odor Cream -sexy sadie – $4

  • This clay formula absorbs sweat and includes antiperspirant ingredients to prevent body odor. Similar to deodorant, you can either apply this to your underarms or even to your feet. Prevent that foot odor, amirite?

2. AILANail Laquer – Doolish – $17

  • This nail polish looks huge in my opinion. Which is a good thing, really. It’s .50 fl oz so a smidgen bigger than the standard Revlon colorstay, LA Colors, or Sally Henson nail polish sizes. The color is a very suttle peach also described as “Sunset Coral” on AILA’s website. I like this orangey shade compared to a bright neon orange so I’m definitely giving this a thumbs up.


3. Nubian HeritageMango Butter – $13

  • This body butter smells absolutely amazing. It’s supposed to have a mango scent, but in my opinion, the aroma almost resembles…orange julius? I honestly don’t mind because this body butter smells nostalgic. It’s heavily infused with shea oil and vitamins A, C, & E, and this product also, “rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin without clogging pores or drying the skin’s natural oils.” The texture really does feel like hardened butter but it melts and becomes a bit oily when you apply it to the skin. Love it and a little goes a long way.

4. Luxe De Mer SkincareRosewater Toner – $9.75

  • Very happy I received this rosewater toner. My skin has become so happy! This little product also added some weight to this month’s box since it was encased in an actual glass bottle. The scent can be very overpowering especially on the face around the nose because it has a very strong peppermint aroma. Also, the ingredient ‘Organic Peppermint Oil or Mentha Piperita’ gives that ‘cooling sensation’ like Vick’s Vapor Rub or menthol chap stick (ex. Blistex). On the bottle, “Avoid contact with eyes” so be mindful of that.

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

Petit Vour never seems to fail in my opinion. I love their specially curated cruelty-free boxes that represents their mission of bringing various beauty products of organic, vegan, gluten, & of course, are not tested on our furry friends.

“Petit Vour is the luxury vegan destination for the decidedly fashionable, inspired by the finer things and curated for the modern, ethical woman. With a deep love for animals, and a knack for seeking the finest, Petit Vour brings you the crème de la cruelty-free.” (Petit Vour)

“Get your cruelty-free items and sign up here.


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