BeautyBox5 July 2015


BB5’s July Theme: Summer night out


Is that ..metallic tattoos..?


Total product count: 5


1. OFRALip Gloss – Natural | Retail: $ 12.95,  8g

  • A light lip gloss that has a sheer finish. It’s not too noticeable on my olive toned skin but does add shimmer to my lips.

2. OFRALip Liner – Mauve | Retail: $ 13.00

  • I like the color on this lipliner. It’s pretty neutral but goes well on my lips, luckily it glides on easily and the color stays because some lipliners–…they smear or I would have to press hard for the product to show.


3. NanacocoNail Polish: Royal Family – | Retail: $ 3.00, 0.5 oz

  • Whoa, a purple polish. Satisfied with this color, I’m not too familiar with the brand Nanacoco so we’ll see how it goes.


4. Love Life SkinLove Life Skin Collection | Retail: $ 25.00 – $30.00, 1.0 oz – 1.7 oz

  • 4 little foil packets that really does the job. I tried the night cream and recovery serum already but overall it’s pretty good. It provides good moisture and hydration, feels creamy when applied but it piles on thick. My skin felt soft and thankfully no breakouts either.


5. Pur~lisseFlash Tattoos | Retail: $9.00

  • I didn’t even know Pur-lisse had tattoos. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them on their main site but I found this item on other sites, including Ipsy and Boxycharm I believe, so it’s been through the circuit.

Overall: [ ♡ ] [ ♡ ] [ ♡ ] [ ♡ ]

Pretty satisfied for this month’s BeautyBox5 box. Likin’ the neutral toned lip products and polish. I’m alright with the skincare and I’m actually willing to try out those metallic tattoos LOL.


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