Beauteque BBag July 2015

Beauteque‘s Beauty Bag contains various 5-7 full size Korean Beauty products or lifestyle items that’s mailed to you every month. Not only do they have a beauty bag from brands such as Etude House, Holika Holika, etc., they have a sheet mask subscription service for you sheet maskers called Mask Maven!

This month’s theme: Picnic of Pretty

“July is here and it’s the perfect weather for a picnic, a Picnic of Pretty, that is!” -Beauteque

Total product count: 6 + Bag

1. Yeon/Jeju Hallabong – Special Peeling & Pack Mini 4 Set – $10

  • Comes with 1 Peeling Gel Mask, 2 Live Pack Masks, and 1 Pore Ghassoul Pack.
    • Can’t wait to try out these masks later on this week!

2.  Holika HolikaGolden Monkey Glamour Lip – $6.99

  • So stoked to try this baby out. It’s a 3-step process for your lips from exfoliating, moisturizer, to rejuvenating.

3. Etude HouseMilk Talk Body Wash – Strawberry – $12

  • This body wash has a very sweet ‘strawberry milk’ scent to it. Pretty moisturizing and cute as well.

4. SecretKeyAloe Soothing Moist Toner – $19

  • Soo happy to receive this toner. I’m running out! It’s very light and the aloe is pleasing. Love, love, love that I received this one. <33 Thank you so much, Beauteque.

5. BeautequeBlending Brush – $15

  • I wasn’t surprised to see a makeup tool in this bag but what I really was surprised about was that it was made from Beauteque’s own brand. So far, I’m loving this brush just wondering how long it’ll last for me.

6. Tony MolyCrystal Blusher – #2 Pleasure Pink – $8

  • A very light blush for me that is perfect. I’m very happy that subscribers had the option to choose the blush color.

7. Yellow Picnic Plaid Bag

  • Definitely goes well with this month’s ‘Picnic of Pretty’ theme.

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

The theme is pretty on point with the items received in this month’s bag. I’m definitely loving the Aloe Toner from Secretkey as my personal favorite but I generally admire all the products.

However, the makeup brush is an eye opener. Beauteque offers the monthly subscription service — BBBag (Beauteque Beauty Bag) but also has a separate store that sells various Asian beauty products so check them out here.

[ ❤ ] 

  • Been so busy busy this week. Finally finished off my cousin’s wedding (a memory worth never forgetting!) and so I’m catching up on these posts slowly yet steady. Haha.

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