Kawaii Box June 2015

Kawaiibox, the cute monthly subscription service that sends out various amazing lifestyle items from Japan and Korea. They send out items from a number of popular brands such as Totoro, Pocky, Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, and more. They cost for this monthly subscription service is $18.90 and shipping is free!


Check out that Bean Plush in the middle.


12 kawaii items included.


1. Cute Guys Stationary Set

  • Such a cute little set that comes with 2 wood pencils and a cap for it, 1 mechanical pencil, an eraser, sharpener, and a grip holder. The bears are so adorable.

2. Kawaii Bean Mini Plush

  • Very kawaii, this little bean plush can be hung anywhere. It’s so soft with a blue pastel color.

3. Hello Kitty Pen

  • The description card states, “Pen” but it’s actually a mechanical pencil. Totally cute and it even has an adorable Hello Kitty charm on top.


4. Alpaca Bag Charm

  • It looks like Kawaiibox is continuing with the alpaca theme from last month’s (May 2015) box. This time, represents a keychain to hang against your luggage or purse. Very cute indeed, the alpaca even has a bow around its neck!

5. Ice Cream Stickers

  • This sticker set is so adorable and could be placed on almost anything. Prepare for the postman to be amazed at my fancy letters.

6. Korean Nail art Set

  • Each nail has a different printed design that I find absolutely adorable. I just don’t know where I’d wear it to and wouldn’t keep the application for long. But it also comes with little colored stars to place on your nails to look even more cuter!


7. Smiling Poop Sharpener

  • It really is a smiling blue poop that’s..a sharpener. I find this item absolutely cute and definitely my favorite out of the box.

8. Strawberry Squishy Charm

  • A very soft squishy in the form of a strawberry with bits of icing on the bottom. Probably would hang this on my rearview mirror since the squishy can easily be ripped from the keychain.

9. Cute Animals Pill Box

  • So so so cuteee. I love this little pill box. You don’t necessarily have to put in medication but also small jewelry, nail art, candy, etc.

10. Sushi Pluggy Charm

  • I actually don’t own a dust plug for my phone so this is perfect to try it out. A cute little piece of sushi that can stay within the universal size plug or jack.


11. Animal Sticky Notes

  • I love how these sticky notes stick because the sticky part is at the bottom instead of the top. So if you were to place it in a book, the cute animal heads would stick out without the sticky adhesive side.

12. Kracie Bubble Jelly DIY Candy

  • Have not tried this out yet but I wasn’t a fan of last month’s candy so I’m curious about this one will turn out.

Overall: [ ❤ ]  [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

Definitely a lot of items for your back-to-school season so it’s all very useful to me along with various key chains. My favorite item would have to be the poop sharpener with the nail art set being the least but I’ll be using that nail art set at a fun party or occasion. Very satisfied with this box and can’t wait to see what next month will be!

Check out Kawaiibox, here.



  1. I love this! My daughters are still toddlers but, they will have the cutest things like this when they go to school. Ugh.. you always do this to me with your subscription box review. I wish I could subscribe to all. I have to look through your blog again there was one I liked that featured beauty items from Korea, japan… and what not. Basically trying things from those regions. If you remember, do you know if they are an oversees subscription or a U.S. one? I think they were based in the U.S. trying to introduce an Asian line.

    Liked by 1 person

    • KawaiiBox and GetQBox are international. Kawaiibox takes like.. 3 weeks to a month to get to the East Coast of the US (Virginia, for me) because they ship from Singapore with tracking (which is why my boxes are always a month late when I post about it LOL 😀 ). They’re pretty well known and GetQBox is located in Canada so it takes about a week and a half generally. However, QBox states they send out tracking info. and honestly I’ve never received any.

      For the Asian beauty part, Memebox is one of the most popular and most common. They’re actually located and ship from California so it takes a few days to a week max. They’re not a monthly subscription service but they make ‘boxes’ with various themes from makeup to skincare. Check out my “Box List” and click on Memebox to get 20% off to give it a try!

      Beauteque also focuses on Korean Beauty but I believe they’re located in New Jersey, US. I just checked out their site and my embarrassing customer review is on there. LOL. They really do send some cute stuff too and are personally my favorite. Mishibox is fairly new (KBeauty as well) They just started in June and they’re currently in Virginia, US —

      There are other Asian Beauty boxes out there like, the3bbox, Beautibi, Wishtrend (similar to Memebox), — I’ve just never tried them out. lol

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think this will be my homework and will be subscribing to the U.S. ones you mentioned. I’ll let you know when I do 🙂 Thanks for all of this… REALLYYYYYYYYY appreciate it.


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