Mishibox July 2015

Mishibox is a new Korean beauty subscription service that sends out various #kbeauty products conveniently to your door every month from the US. They send out a variety of 4-6 deluxe sized samples to full sized Korean beauty products all from Korean brands.

July 2015 Mishibox

1. KwailnaraTouch Therapy Cacao Pore Clear Nose Sheet – Retail Price: $10 | 1 pack (10 sheets)

  • A pore nose sheet that gets all the blackheads up. I’m familiar with Biore’s charcoal nose strip and Kwailnara’s has a similar concept. It’s much more stickier than the regular ones I’ve tried but does help to get blackheads that are deep. Overall, I feel pretty alright with receiving this. It’s definitely exciting to see a new brand I’ve never heard of too!

2. KwailnaraHand Essence: Avocado – Retail Price: $7 | 80g

  • It smells fresh like cucumbers. This hand cream is very moisturizing and the scent is soothing.
    • Subscribers either received: Avocado, Pink Peach, or Blueberry.

3. It’s Skin Macaron Lip Balm – Grape – Retail Price: $10.50 | 7g

  • The most adorable item to receive in this month’s box. I received this balm in grape and the scent is sweet from the vine. It’s cute packaging really is in the shape of a macaron as well.
    • Subscribers either received: Strawberry, Greenapple, Grape, or Pineapple.

4. MISSHAThe Style: Lip & Eye Makeup Remover – Regular – Retail Price $9 | 100ml

  • My favorite item from this month’s box. It’s definitely a good makeup remover and doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I received the Regular one and love this product since it’s very handy and useful to me.
    • Subscribers received either: Regular or Green Tea.

5. ConfumeArgan Gold Hair Pack –  Retail Price: $25 | 1,000 ml

  • Definitely new to me, I’ve never tried Argan oil in my hair before. I’m more familiar with olive oil or the regular leave in conditioner type products but this one is a first for me. So pretty happy to get this one! 😀

6. MJ Care Essence Mask – Charcoal – Retail Price: $2 | 23g

  • I received the Charcoal one and I don’t mind getting sheet masks personally but this is also a brand I’m new to as well.
    • Subscribers will receive either: Charcoal, Snail, Seaweed, Royal Jelly, Pearl, and Green Caviar.

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

All new brands that I’ve never heard of except It’s Skin and Missha. I’m pretty satisfied with this month’s box and would recommend this to anyone who’s into Korean beauty from noobie status or to pros who are looking for something new. As their second box, I can only compare this to the first and I have to say I love their first box just a bit more than this one.

You can check out Mishibox here .


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