July QBox 2015

GetQBox is a retailer that curates a box called ‘QBox’ that delivers cute lifestyle items from Japan and Korea delivered to your door. They use brands such as Totoro, Rilakkuma, and more. GetQBox also sells individual special curated boxes with themes such as Sailormoon, Gudetama, their own Jewelry QBox, and more.


The July 2015 QBox image

8 totally super kawaii itemsimage

1. i-NeUNail Art Design BookKorea: $5.50

  • Cute little book where you can draw your own nail art designs or even test out nail polish colors.

2. Matty’s Macaron Sticky MemoJapan: $2.50

  • It looks like a real macaron but unfortunately not the edible kind. This realistic treat is a sticky note pad for reminders or to-do lists –or to just stick cute macarons on your fridge. Totally cute!

3. My SweetyPearl Golden Leaves Hair ClipKorea: $7

  • I like this hair clip a lot. It’s very sturdy and holds any loose strands in place. Not only that, but it’s a pretty big size with cute golden leaves.


4. Too Cool for SchoolToo Cool Art Class: Shadow Blush Palette – Korea: $12

  • Subscribers will receive different variations of this palette but I love the colors I received. This palette is customizable so if you own any other eyeshadows or blushes in the same size, you can pop the colors out and replace them.

Bonus: Cracker Snack

  • Not sure what brand this is, but it’s a nice little rice cracker type treat that tasted pretty good.


5. Matty’sMacaron Luggage Tag – Japan: $5

  • I only wished I had this before I traveled so I could clip this on my luggage. It’s a pretty big size and the material allows it to be bendy while feeling like smooth rubber.

6. DahoBlackhead Clean Brush – Japan: $4

  • Who doesn’t love tools that deal with our pores? I’ve never owned any tool like this before so I’m wondering if it’ll work or not. Time for some experimentation!

7. Matty’sMacaron Storage Boxes Set – Japan: $9

  • These are absolutely adorable. These sturdy little macarons can hold onto small pieces such as jewelry. I already put my studded earrings in there and I’m thinking about secretly stashing some paperclips or candies for my office space.


8. Cecil McBee – Bag in Bag Print Tote Bag – Japan: $25

  • I love this tote bag. It has a lot of space that can hold plenty of clothes and other big items that can’t fit in a standard size purse. I was pretty happy I received the pink one and absolutely love it!

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ 4.5 ]

I’m feeling pretty good about this month’s box. My favorite would have to be the tote, shadow blush palette, macaron storage boxes and the golden leaves clip. I wasn’t too fond of the nail art design book, only because it really isn’t me. But overall, I generally found everything cute and adorable to have!

So you can check them out here!


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