Sailormoon QBox August 2015

Whaaaat. Sailormoon? GetQBox? How about Sailormoon QBox Edition?

GetQBox curates a box called, Q-Box, which contains cute lifestyle items from Japan and Korea delivered to your door. They use brands such as Totoro, Rilakkuma, and more. GetQBox also sells individual special curated boxes with themes such as Sailormoon, Gudetama, their own Jewelry QBox, Alice in Wonderland, etc.

So this is the first “Sailormoon” themed QBox created by GetQBox and it’s currently sold out but they did create another Sailormoon box called, “Sailor Moon Uniform Skirt Mini Bag” that you can check out here.


Lookit all these Sailormoon goods.

Unfortunately, GetQBox didn’t include a description card but basic information will be provided.

All items will be based on..uh..EBay I guess. LOL.


1. Sailormoon Shirt : EBay – Shirt

  • The shirt represents Sailormoon’s new re-make outfit. I actually like it a lot and I’m probably gonna wear it in about 2 seconds.


2. Sailormoon Jewelry – Necklace and clip on earrings : EBay – Necklace, Earrings

  •  This type of jewelry is really… not my thing. It’s a cute set but I’ve actually seen the necklace multiple times on EBay/Amazon/Etsy listings so I find it pretty common.


3. Sailormoon Journal : EBay – Journal

  • Cute little journal or diary with blank pages to write notes and whatnot. I love stationary and find it very very useful for notes and reminders but for this I’ll probably use it to write about the embarrassing things my boyfriend does. Huehue.


4. Sailormoon Figurine – Sailor Jupiter : EBay – Figure

  • I remember seeing the QBox spoiler on Instagram and praying that I get whoever except Jupiter. I have nothing against this tomboy kickbutt fighter at all. I just wanted a different color besides green, I guess. lol


5. Sailormoon “Selfie” Stick Wand : EBay – Selfie Stick

  • Wasn’t expecting anything like this, let alone a selfie stick. Pretty curious on trying it out and when I did it– seemed to work very good. The rod extends to add more distance and you can also swing it around like Sailormoon with her attack: “Moon Healing Escalation!” (Would advise to do it in a secluded area)


6. Sailormoon Make up Bag : EBay – Bag

  • Lovely everyday bag for your cosmetics, pencils, jewelry, and whatnot. It’s a sturdy and basic bag that zips up at the top. Something I’ll definitely use and look super cute with as well.


7. Sailormoon Wallet : EBay – Wallet

  • My favorite item out of the whole box, I absolutely adore this wallet. Each side includes a picture of Sailormoon and the wallet is pretty heavy duty that you can keep your cards, money, and I.D. in. I’ll definitely be using this item.
  • Subscribers received the Sailormoon Wallet or Sailormoon Artemis Bag.
Back of the wallet
Inside the wallet

[ ❤ ] 

Overall : [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

I’m pretty happy in receiving this Sailormoon themed box from GetQBox for $39.99. However, I would’ve preferred a description card with their own value on it too. I was pretty surprised how all of these items were easy to find on EBay but I wanted to provide some links if any were interested on the individual products. A lot of the items were from the sellers on EBay were located in China which would be the reason for the low cost (it still valued higher than what I paid for) because I’m sure if the items were sold in America the total would’ve been higher.

GetQBox is also located in Canada so it takes some time to get through to the US because of customs. Usually, their boxes get to me in about a week and a half to two weeks which isn’t bad. I do prefer their monthly subscription that costs under $25 over their special themed boxes so with that said, I won’t be looking into their second Sailormoon themed box.

But for you Rilakkuma fans–

They have a Rilakkuma -Back to School themed box that you can check out here. Apparently it includes stationary (of course) but also a backpack. They also tend to add in some surprise items so I wouldn’t be surprised if pencils or maybe a cute Rilakkuma pencil pouch were included. The Rilakkuma ones are pretty popular, even CutiePieMarzia reviewed a Rilakkuma QBox sometime last year that you can watch here.

So, that’s it for the Sailormoon QBox August 2015 review! 😀

Gonna go wear that Sailormoon shirt at Kanye concert.


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