Glossybox August 2015

Glossybox sends out 5 full or deluxe size luxury beauty products each month by brands such as Jouer, Lancome, and more. Each Glossybox beauty item is handpicked by their staff based upon your unique beauty profile. They also have limited edition boxes that sell out quickly along with some fabulous products so go check out their site! Cost: $21/monthly


Product Count: 5


1. Pop BeautyKajal Pen : Sooty Black | Full Size $10.00 / .03 oz
I like receiving the common classic black eyeliner but I’m definitely interested in the smudger. After you apply the eyeliner against the brow bone, you use the smudger to spread the product. To me, it’s similar to adding eyeshadow on your crease but it’s a different technique I’m trying to work on so I’m happy to receive this.

2. SparitualNail Laquer : Authentically (matte shimmer) | Full Size $12.00 / .5 fl oz

Sparitual is popular for their cruelty-free vegan formula that also promotes less inhaled chemicals during usage. Unfortunately, this isn’t my favorite polish color that I would’ve liked but I’m surprised how big this is. I might use this since it’s a matte shimmer (a combination I haven’t tried out yet) or probably pass this item on to someone else.

3. Manna Kadar CosmeticsLash Primer | Full Size $24.00 / .14 oz

I almost felt like –> 😐 “Hmmm. Mascara..?” But no, it’s actually a lash ‘primer’. Something I’ve never tried and is new to me so I’ll be looking forward to applying this on! Very pleased to get this one. So this will be used as your base and the product has short bristles to apply against your lashes. Then, you use your regular or normal mascara you usually use and definitions will be added. I’m not noticing too much of a difference but I’m currently trying out various mascaras as well.


4. Glamglow Youthcleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser | Full Size $39.00 / 5 oz

This is my 2nd Glamglow product that I’ve received in my Glossybox and their products get a lot of hype. I actually haven’t tried this cleanser before so I’m glad I received this. It really did do some amazing justice on my skin because it make my skin soft and smooth. But it also removed some of my foundation that I honestly thought I had already removed. I love how you don’t need much of the product for it to do the job and the cleanser also exfoliates, to create a more youthful complexion. I remember seeing a couple of positive reviews from my favorite beauty bloggers, so like I said, I’m one happy banana to give this product a try!

5. Lollipops MakeupLip Balm – Délicieuse  | Full Size $5.50 / .33 oz

This pink and white balm has an adorable packaging with little images of classic sweets– Cupcakes and beautiful cakes! I’ve never heard of this brand before and I personally don’t get too exciting over balms. It goes on clear on the lips with very smooth texture but it’s the scent that is something to look forward to. It literally smells like the traditional icing which suits well with the balm’s design. Very moisturizing and smells truly delicious!

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

Loving the Glamglow Youthcleanse as my favorite product with (unfortunately) the Sparitual as my least favorite only because of the color is a bit off. But I do love a majority of the items I’ve received. I’ll experiment more with the Kajal eyeliner and the Manna Lash primer and see how that goes!

You can check out Glossybox with a referral link here.

New customers can use coupon code “BRUSHUP” to get a free Doucce Soft Touch Kabuki Brush in their first GLOSSYBOX ($19 Value)!



    • Hmm. Mine felt like it was fuller than 3/4ths of the tube at minimum 😯
      I’ve tried the Manna primer so far with 2 different mascaras. One of the mascaras clumps afterwards but the other mascara seemed to add more..volume? I honestly can’t say much because I’ve only tried it 3 times so far 😂


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