POPSUGAR Must Have August 2015

POPSUGAR ‘s Must Have box sends out products ranging from beauty, fashion, food, fitness, entertainment, home, and more. It’s the perfect little surprise box that is worth the buck since a lot of their boxes cost more than the monthly subscription. You can also get $5 off with the code MUSTHAVE5 so check them out!


August 2015 Popsugar Must Have


wpid-img_20150820_144140.jpg Various goodies!


Description Card


1. American ColorsMediterranean Plaid Scarf | Sugg. Retail: $79 | americancolorsclothing.com

  • This irreversible plaid scarf is pretty long. The weather for me is still a little bit warm but it’ll cool down and be perfect once mid September arrives. The scarf itself is a smidge wider than a foot and a half with a length exceeding 4 feet. It’s a pretty long scarf but seeing the price close to $80 makes me faint inside. Definitely happy to receive this in this month’s box instead of purchasing this individually somewhere else.


2. Royal ApothicTea Balm Firming Eye Treatment | Sugg. Retail: $36 | royalapothic.com

  • This item was presented as the spoiler and the little packaging for this is so cute. I love the miniature box where the product is contained because it’s reusable for storage and the eye cream itself is cute. The cream really isn’t that thick, similar to a basic serum or a watery lotion. Definitely good for early signs of aging, I’ll try this out and see how it goes.


3. PastelBest Day Ever Mug | Sugg. Retail: $12 | fringestudio.com

  • Definitely a cute pick me up as a starter of the day. It’s a good size mug for your cup of coffee or tea. The quote, “best day ever”, is printed on the cup but is also microwavable. Really a useful item to have and I would’ve preferred a mug over a glass cup anyday.


4. Happy JacksonYay Lunch! Lunch Box | Sugg. Retail: $10 | happyjackson.com

  • The lunch box resembles that of a bento box from Japanese culture. The blue and yellow colors pair well together for the plastic container. Unfortunately, the lunch box isn’t microwavable so it’s advised to have items that don’t need reheating.


5. Southern CultureShortstacks Pancake & Waffle Mix | Sugg. Retail: $7.99 | southernculturefoods.com

  • Very surprised that something like this was included in the box. Not only that, but the flavor is ‘Birthday Cake’. Just mix the ingredients and you’re ready to go but it also offers vegan options as a substitute. The batter has some serious colorful sprinkles inside so don’t be surprised to see it.

6. Meri MeriToot Sweet Pink Stripe Napkins | Sugg. Retail: $5.95 | merimeri.com

  • These napkins are absolutely adorable. They really are made for a party or special occasion with it’s cute design. The retail is almost at $6 which can be at the pricier side compared to your regular grocery store napkins. Although these are cute and great to have, it’s not something I’d purchase in the future.


7. MyYogaWorks3 Month Trial | Sugg. Retail: $45 | myyogaworks.com

I haven’t tried this out but I’m planning on it. So basically, there are various classes and instructional videos on the website that’s based around yoga. You can stream the videos directly from any device and the classes can range from beginner to challenging ones for the advanced. I definitely want to try it out and see how it goes but I’m not sure if this is something I would purchase in the future. There’s so many gym yoga classes or yoga workouts on YouTube that I don’t think I’d spend $15/month to gain access to MyYogaWorks videos. But you never know, I might get hooked which is why a try is a must.

Special Extra! 


  • Folgers Iced CaféCaramel Macchiato Flavored Coffee Drink Concentrate | Sugg. Retail: $4.99 | folgerscoffee.com
    • The flavor of this is actually pretty good especially for a first timer. Will enjoy this with the mug I received!

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

Not exactly my favorite MustHave box from Popsugar but the variety of items are so very broad. I loved and adored last month’s box compared to this one so I’m curious to know how Popsugar will step up their game for September. Loving the spoiler -Royal Apothic’s Tea Balm Firming Eye Treatment and Happy Jackson’s Yay Lunch! lunch box. Unfortunately, I’m not feeling the napkins or scarf much but I’ll definitely be trying that Yoga trial out!



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