Beauteque BBag August 2015

Beauteque‘s Beauty Bag contains various 5-7 full size Korean Beauty products or lifestyle items that’s mailed to you every month. Not only do they have a beauty bag from brands such as Etude House, Holika Holika, etc., they have a sheet mask subscription service for you sheet maskers called Mask Maven!

Cost: $24.00/monthly (BB Bag)  Cost: $15.00/monthly (Mask Maven)

Bent card results from postal handling-ness.

Items: 8

1. HanakaV-Line Chin Patch | $3.80

  • Now this is truly a first. A sheet mask for your chin and only your chin. I feel 50/50 for this product, the positive side is because it’s new and I’ve never tried a chin sheet mask before but the other I’m like, “Do I really need a sheet mask chin?” This isn’t something I’d buy again in the future but I’m mostly in it for the experience. Hydrate & firm dat chinz! 😀

2. Pure DermClean and Fresh Peeling Gel | $8.50

  • It’s not often I see a deluxe sized foil packet with a resealable cap on it. I don’t have many chemical peelers but I’m loving my Hey Honey! one so far. I’ll definitely be comparing the two and see which one fits me better!

3. Pure DermHair Mask | 6.95

  • Subscribers will receive one of the three: Honey, Chamomile, or Jojoba.
    • My BBag contained the “Honey”and I haven’t had the chance to try this one out. It seems like it’s mainly used for color treated hair which I don’t have anymore. Just all natural Asian hair but that’s not gonna stop me from using this product. Haha!

4. The SaemPerfection Concealer Tip Cover | $8.50

  • A nice little concealer that does the job good. It’s a nice shade and works well when applying powder on top too. Feelin’ alright with this one but I’m liking it so far.

5. Holika Holika Wonder Drawing No Smudge Liquid Eyeliner

  • I honestly just ordered this from testerkorea about over 3 weeks ago but it’s fine since my package hasn’t arrived yet. (It’s supposed to arrive today with the current status: “with delivery courier” for 6+ hours and it’s already 7:33pm as I’m typing this.) But I’m happy to try this out anyway since it does have a “no flake – no smudge” concept going on.

6. Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream | $25.00

  • The description card states, “..multitasking cream moisturizes, reduces appearance of wrinkles, and reduces acne scarring and blemishes.” So sign me up for this! I’ve never tried this product from Mizon before so I’m curious what results I’ll get and hopefully I can do a full review on this in the future.

6. Blotting Paper | $5.00

  • Definitely one of the most useful things to have and a majority of subscribers received only one but it seems Beauteque just wanted to give an extra for my oily skin. Lmao! The packaging for this really looks somewhat dainty and feminine but by the end of the day, it’s really gonna do some dirty work by picking up excess oil.

8. This month’s Beauteque Bag

  • I love this soft aqua bag with the adorable bow on it.
  • I noticed a couple of subscribers had concerns over “markings” or “ink” whatever on their bag from the description card. My bag had more visible markings before this picture and there’s still a little smudge on the left side of the picture where the end of the bow is. I was able to remove a majority of it with a bit of warm water and a washcloth. Honestly, I think it was the ink from the card too and with the hot summer weather..I wouldn’t be surprised. But I still love the bag! Who can resist the color and adorable bow?


  • Beauteque sent this as a bonus to some subscribers; Hanaka’s Black Rose Acne Fighting Mask
    • I’ll try out these masks when I see some terrible pimples appear and see how they work!

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

This month was truly an interesting bag with their theme: “Beauteque’s Treasure Chest“. I definitely like the variety of skincare, makeup, and haircare items. The chin mask is definitely new to me and I’d consider it useful along with the cute blotting paper but I wasn’t too excited for those things. So, I’m giving this a 3/5 (without considering the Bonus items- Acne masks or the extra blotting paper, just to be on the same playing field with what most subscribers got) especially compared from the last two month’s. I’m still lovin’ Beauteque and their BBag so we’ll see what next month will bring! 😀



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