Kawaiibox July 2015

Kawaiibox, the cute monthly subscription service that sends out various amazing lifestyle items from Japan and Korea. They send out items from a number of popular brands such as Totoro, Pocky, Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, and more. They cost for this monthly subscription service is $18.90 and shipping is free!

Warning! Cuteness Overload! 

11 kawaii items

1. Kracie DIY chain candy

  • Cute little candy sweets where you can hook the pieces together and make a bracelet or chain!

2. Squishy Doughnut Mirror

  • This mirror is absolutely adorable with its doughnut squishy parts. Although it may be cute, the mirror itself feels fragile to me. Something I’ll use but I’m afraid the “squishy” part would get eaten alive if I leave it in my purse.

3. Dessert Eraser

  • The eraser seems to resemble a cake..? A cute little stationary piece that can add some kawaii – ness while doing school or work assignments!

4. Kawaii Toast Coaster

  • Absolutely adoring this coaster. Not only will it protect your furniture but it’ll protect it with a cutie expression on its face. Very handy to have and super kawaii.

5. Pastel Pearl Bracelet

  • A cute Pastel bracelet for any cute outfit. It’s pretty stretchy yet heavily durable!

6. Korean Glitter Glue Set

  • Oh, boy. I’ll definitely be using this glitter glue set -not just for projects, but for sending mail with extra cuteness.

7. Rilakkuma Notes

  • Such a cute note set that doesn’t have notepads but Rilakkuma sticky notes and sticky tabs! Very useful and adorable as well! Gonna tab all my textbooks with this.

8. Mushroom Mini Plush

  • There’s always 1 plush that comes in a Kawaiibox and this month’s was a cute tiny mushroom. The expression of this mushroom plush is priceless

9. Cute Pencil Set

  • Totally cute and will definitely be used for school. I absolutely love the cute patterns and designs!

10. Flake Seal Stickers

  • I’m surprised how much stickers there are in this small container. Supposedly 71 stickers, this cute pack will be good as a stuffer for goody bags and whatnot. I’m definitely gonna use these. Where? ..Somewhere. LOL.

11. Alpaca Keychain

  • I’ve been seeing the alpaca themed items a lot in the past Kawaiiboxes, so it makes me wonder if they’ll do it again next month. This time it’s a keychain trio of alpacas that you can use for your set of keys, purse, bookbag, etc.

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] 

Lotta cute stationary items which is perfect since the school year is starting up again. The Rilakkuma note set is absolutely adorable along with this month’s plushie too! I’m sure there’ll be more stationary in next month’s along with other cute items as well.

You can give it a try and check out Kawaiibox here!


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