August 2015 QBox

QBox is a box that delivers cute lifestyle items from Japan and Korea delivered to your door. They use brands such as Totoro, Rilakkuma, and more. GetQBox also sells individual special curated boxes with themes such as Sailormoon, Gudetama, their own Jewelry QBox, and more. Cost: 24.95/monthly 


“ICE-CREAM” theme August Q Box

Description Card


1. My SweetyGolden Bear Brooch – Korea $5.50

  • A cute gold bear that can stick on your shirt, the outside of your bookbag, etc. I’ve seen QBox use this jewelry brand before so it’s something I’ll probably see in the future as well.

2. Soodudu3D Eraser Set – Korea $2.50

  • Randomly selected from 4 styles
    • Such an adorable set of erasers! I love how they’re packaged in a cute little zip baggie as well. Totally loving that cupcake eraser!


3. RilakkumaIce Cream Ballpoint Pen – Japan $7

  • Randomly selected from 6 styles
    •  So this was one of the spoilers for this months box. It’s such a cute and adorable pen that stands about ..3.5 inches but you can hang it with your keys or put more charms on it to add more cuteness.

4. Ice Cream Supermen Sock – Japan $5

  • I’m surprised to actually receive socks! This baby blue hued pair has ice cream figures all over it. But if you look closely, the ice creams actually little legs. It really is cute though!


5. Girlwill – Ice Cream Gap Bottle – Japan $14

  • Randomly selected from 4 styles
    • Girlwill is another repeated brand that I wouldn’t be surprised if QBox used again. This Gap Bottle in particular was one of the spoilers for the August box and something I looked forward to. Such an adorable ice cream top as the cap!

6. Funny Ice Cream Stickers – Korea $3

  • To continue on with the theme, this month had cute ice cream stickers that were 3D-esque.


7. DisneyMickey/Minnie Mini Fan – Taiwan $13

  • This was another spoiler that was introduced but the Disney mini fan I didn’t really care much for. I’m surprised the card indicates “Taiwan” on it as well. QBox’s website states, ” ‘most’ brands from Japan or Korea”, so this must be one of the few that reaches the ‘other’ category.

8. Basic Materials – Fruit Cute Cosmetic Cotton Pad – $4.50

  • Randomly Selected from 4 Styles
    • My thoughts: ‘Uhm.. cotton pads that I could get for a dollar somewhere else.’ For a split second at least. The cotton pads are in an adorable case and I actually appreciate that it’s pads and not cotton balls. I can use cotton pads more efficiently. I can use it, not just for nails, but for skincare- toner, makeup remover, etc. The cotton balls leave a little wispy trail and can get a bit messy.

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

I love a majority of the items I’ve received but the Disney mini fan was something that didn’t appeal to me. Loving the Gap Bottle, socks, Rilakkuma pen, and cosmetic cotton pads which are very useful to me! A little bonus snack was also included which was something like a sesame enwrapped cracker and judging by some instagram posts, subscribers have received different types of snacks as well this month. But the themes for the September QBox and October QBox have already been decided!

The September Q Box will be Unicorn & Hello Kitty themed. And for they released October’s theme as a Sanrio-type theme. So check it out here!


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