July/August 2015 Empties

I honestly meant to post my ‘July Empties’ last month but before I knew it, I was already in mid-August! So I might as well just combine both months for double the empty-ness. 😀

“If I posted all of the ’empties’– dang.” – Some Noob Beauty Blogger

Just a little smidge of July’s “Empties” along with some personal favorites. 😀 Products that I’d buy or say no way José to. August Empties will be posted below as well.


  • Bath & Body Works – Love & Sunshine shower gel
    • Received this as a gift, I loved the smell of this body wash and it really didn’t last long. LOL.
  • Hugo Naturals – Vanilla and Sweet Orange Shower Gel
    • From Yuzen’s Summer Box, the smell was okay to me and moisturized my skin but it was overall okay.
  • Spongelle – Papaya Yuzu Bodywash Buffer
    • I accidentally left the poor buffer out of the picture. Received from Popsugar’s MustHave box in June, I’ve been loving the scent and the way it exfoliates my skin. I definitely want another.


  • Equitance: Toner and Cleanser
    • The cleanser gave the “squeaky clean” feel and eventually dried my skin out after a few days until I finally balanced it out with so much hydrating goodies. So no. But the toner, now that I really love.
  • Naobay
    • One of my favorites, I actually finished this pretty quickly but I received this from May’s Birchbox and I’ve kept it in my bin for that long. Meaning to say: I absolutely loved this product.
  • Dermologica – Moisturizer
    • Wasn’t really happy with this one..
  • Ahava – 3-pack
    • Came with a clay mask that burned a bit, hand cream that was nice, and moisturizer that was okay from BeautyBox5. Wasn’t my favorite thing in the world.
  • Memebox – Hydrogel Mask
    • Pretty refreshing mask but had that slight oily feeling after.
  • SNP: POP Marine Collagen and Wrinkle Care Mask
    • I love this mask but I broke out the next day with a few hits of acne. So would I buy again? Maybe, not.
  • Benton – Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack
    • Received from Mishibox last month, I totally digged this facesheet.
  • Ariul
    • Bamboo Water. Love. ‘Nuff said. Would get it again.
  • Patchology – Hydrate FlashMasque Facial Sheet.
    • Got this from NewBeauty Testtube in May. Yup. Definitely one of the best masks I’ve ever tried. Very hydrating, didn’t feel sticky or oily, in fact it felt very water-based. So check it out from Patchology here, whoa holy crap $50 for 8 sheets?!?!?!?! So one is $6.25..!?? I’m sure you can get it cheaper somewhere else..LOL. O_O
  • Missha- Near Skin face sheet
    • From Memebox.com, liked it overall, the sheet was saturated with the essence (as usual) but it did hydrate my face and I liked it.
  • MUN – Anarose Toner
    • Can I have some more of this sample please? Check it here. Dat price. Ugh. Loved that sample from June’s Petit Vour box.
  • Biore – charcoal pore strips
    • Definitely more stickier and tougher to remove –compared to the original, this one does deep pore removal and was very effective. Would get again. Take that, blackheads! 😀


  • L.A. Colors – Liquid Eyeliner – Black
    • I’m glad it’s empty. LOL.
  • thePorefessional
    • Gimme more, please. Covered up my pores and was very effective for me.
  • Studio35beauty – collagen infused beauty blender
    • It’s a decent beauty blender and does the job.


  • Novex
    • Received from BeautyBox5, this cream actually conditions, smoothens, and hydrated my hair. But no wonder, since you apply it to your hair and leave it on for 25 mins. Not something I’d get at the moment because I did receive another sample from Glossybox. A deluxe sample.


  • Torie & Howard – Meyer Lemon & Raspberry Organic Hard Candy
    • Received this in my Summer Yuzen box and it’s definitely been a treat to have throughout the summer but …there’s pain now since it’s all gone. 😦

August Empties

A quick little peak at my Empties for August 2015


Skin : 

Ariul – Nobody Knows Why I’m so ..(Cute, Sexy, Chic set)

  • I actually like these masks a lot, mainly for their artsy packaging but each one represents something different. I got these from memebox and it’s something I’d repurchase again in the future.

TonyMoly – Timeless EGF – Eye Goggles Sheet Mask

  • This was a fun experience, (eye sheet masks are always fun) it’s not everyday I get these so I was stoked to receive them in Beauteque’s BBag back in July. It also has anti-wrinkle and whitening properties. Totally would love to get again!

Alt Chek MD – DePuff eye pads

  • I received these from Ipsy awhile back and they’re nice. They give off a cool feeling when applied but literally feel like gel pads. They don’t carry essence I believe and I’m not sure if they really did anything for my eyes. Not really liking it though.

Touch Therapy – Cacao Nose Sheet

  • From Mishibox, I liked how it really did worked well in removing blackheads and really does smell like heavy cacao –the ingredient in chocolate!

Biore – Face strip, Charcoal Nose Strip

  • Appearing again from my July empties, I really like these strips a lot and they are very very effective. However, just be mindful that it can strip away the skin as well.


  • Fresh Celery Cleansing Tissues-
    • Handy for on the go, these really do a decent job in removing makeup. (Wouldn’t recommend it in removing liquid eyeliner though) They have a very suttle scent the and tissues are okay, not the smoothest or softest around.
  • Carrot Collagen Eye Sheet
    • These actually go under your eyes and they’re very cooling, packed full of essence, and really moisturize. I’d definitely get this again especially for the delicate eye area.

Benton – Honest Cleansing Foam

  • It kinda dried out my skin since I did it on a daily basis but I can handle it if I do it a few times a week. Even so, I really don’t put much but I’m not going to buy this cleansing foam ever. Ever. EVER. pH of 7-8, bruh.

Jurlique – Firming & tightening Serum

  • Smells pretty good to me and the serum is pretty watery and you don’t need much at all. I feel 50/50 for this.

Harvey Prince – Hello Body Cream

  • Moisturizing, sure. Scent? No. It smells heavy- like a man’s strong cologne to me. Too strong. So, nope.

MJCare – Charcoal Essence Mask

  • This brand is pretty new to me and was introduced by Mishibox. It seems like any other mask but it’s something I’d try again… Maybe. C:

YADAH- Soothing Mask Pack

  • I actually like this mask a lot. YADAH uses a lot of organic ingredients and this mask in particular soothes the skin especially with inflammation. Definitely helped calm my acne down when I had a flare on my T-Zone.


Dove – gofreah deodorant : cucumber and greentea

  • It works well for me and my skin, smells great. I just got another one in the pomegranate too!


Skylake – Oriental Herb Cool Shampoo

  • Definitely cooling against my scalp, with a spearmint-like scent. Would buy.


TonyMoly – Cotton Nail Ball

  • Love the whole theme of this container- literally looks like cotton candy, but I can’t see myself purchasing this again. Only because it’d be easier for me to get it (regular cotton balls that are more cost effective) at the nearest store instead of having to order this online.

Studio35Beauty – Strengthening Nail Polish Remover

  • Uhm.. Yeah. Does the job decently and my nails are naturally tough but I believe the remover did help a little.

Kara – eyelashes

  • You can get these eyelashes for a dollar at shopmissA.com They’re 100% human hair and not expensive at all for a pair, which is only $1. Yup. A dollar. Of course, I’m gonna purchase these again! 😀

So that’s it for the Empties and September is kicking me in the butt! Already 5 days in and this just happens to be my first post!? Whaaaat. I have a lot of sheet masks and whatnot to go through. And if I posted all the empties there’d be way too much tl;dr going on. More than there already is. Lol. 😀

Sneak Peak of next Post: Julep.

  • I love their absolutely sexy-chic fall colors.

Share some of your 2015 July/August Empties in the Comments below! 


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