aside Julep September 2015

Julep is a monthly beauty nail subscription service that offers nail care, make-up, beauty tools, and more! They are currently offering customers to CUSTOMIZE their monthly boxes where you or your friends can pick out specific products so you know what you’re getting. Cost: 24.99/monthly (BUT join here to get a FREE welcome box with just 2.99 S+H; Pretty cool if you ask me!)

Julep September 2015 Box

Julep launched their lipstick collection of beautiful, specially formulated crème colors. It consists of six shades with their theme as: Bold Lips

Not only did they launch their new collection, but you can use code THIRTY to get 30% off on your next Julep order. Unfortunately, I didn’t opt for any of their make-up this month but went through their popular polish instead.

This month, they introduced their Crème formula and have given this month’s subscribers a signature crème called: Julep

All colors I have chosen personally.
1. JulepFreedomPolymer Top Coat

  • “Quick-dry formula cures smudge-free under natural light in just five minutes; no UV light required” So this is an item I used my Jules on and wanted to see how it worked out. Plus, I really needed a good topcoat!

2. Julep – Crème Polish : Lizzy

  • Cappuccino crème. From the It Girl category, this lovely tan color is very neutral for the nails and is warm as well. Definitely something I can wear with any outfit and won’t be too overpowering.

3. Julep – Crème Polish : Coco

  • Oxblood crème. From the It Girl category, this is a more darkened reddish brown that will go pretty well with my olive complexion. I’m definitely loving the Fall collection colors way more than last seasons bright neons.

4. Julep – Crème Polish : Ilga

  • Rich Bordeaux crème. From the Classic with a Twist category, represents a beautiful blood red which is perfect for the Fall so I’m very excited to get this shade!

5. Julep – Crème Polish : Julep

  • Julep signature crème. This is the freebie that this month’s subscribers received which is a mildy light purple shade introduced in their new crème formula.


Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] 

I personally love everything that I’ve chosen and I’m pretty satisfied with it too! Loving Lizzy and Coco the most but I’m happy to receive the Julep signature color polish. 😀

So get a peak of this month’s collection and prepare for more Autumn colors with Julep. Also, get a Free Welcome Box +2.99 for shipping- HERE


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