aside Petit Vour September 2015

Petit Vour ‘s beauty subscription service that ships cruelty free and vegan products sent to you every month. Each box comes with 4 products that ranges from skincare – makeup – to hair care from cosmetic and beauty brands that don’t do animal testing such as Pacifica, Lippygirl, Everyday Minerals, and more. Cost: $15/monthly

This month’s theme: Be Bold Be Kind

4 Cruelty Free Products included

1. Blissoma : Cleanser | Full-size, $32

  • The ‘Free Rejuvenating Herbal Gel Cleanser & Makeup Remover’ is truly a long title. 100% natural, this product is can be used for those with sensitive skin twice daily. On Blissoma’s website, “This gel rinses to a lighter and almost “squeaky” clean than our Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser. It’s still free of any actual soaps though, and is the correct, skin-friendly, acidic PH.” To me, the “squeaky” clean feel can be of concern since it usually results into a higher pH level that strips a majority of the skins oils, etc. but it does claim to have a “skin-friendly” acidic pH level. Definitely will do some research (no pH strips atm) and see how it goes.

2. elate : Lipstick | Full-size, $17

  • Elate Clean Cosmetics introduces such a delicate bamboo casing for the lipstick in ‘Lively‘. It’s not very pigmented or bold but more neutral with an almost sheer finish. I heavily appreciate this color, glides on very easily, along with a bit of a shimmer to finish.

3. Mahalo : Pele Mask | Full-size, $64

  • With adorable and decadent packaging similar to Elate, this mask focuses on detoxifying the face. I’m personally excited to try out masks like this and I was happy to receive Jacq’s mask a few Petit Vour boxes ago so this I’m looking forward to.

4. MSC Skin Care : Exfoliating Body Scrub | Full-size, $33

  • Scrubs are something I’m really used to seeing in Petit Vour boxes by now since I’ve collected quite a few from them. It really feels like a sugar scrub but it smells very good! This will definitely be the product that will be used up the fastest.

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

My definite favorite would be the beautiful brown hued lippy from Elate Cosmetics and the mask from Mahalo. Excited to try the body scrub from MSC and mostly curious how the Blissoma cleanser will turn out.

Petit Vour is actually my favorite cruelty free subscription box and I really do recommend this box. The quality of the box always exceeds the tiny $15 and I always appreciate finding new products for my highly sensitive skin.

So get your cruelty free vegan beauty on here!


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