aside the3BBox September 2015

Their name, Beauty Beyond Borders (3B), sends out a box called “The 3B Box“. Each month, they send out 4-5 products of Asia’s beauty cult favorites right to you. Sample products range from go-to brands such as Lioele, Etude House and Skinfood to high-end premium brands like SK-II, Kanebo, and Sulwhasoo. They currently have a waitlist that you can sign up to get on – hereCost: $12/monthly


4 KBeauty Products 


Description Card

image1. YU-BE :  Moisturizing Skin Cream

  • Totally exciting to see a YU-BE product in this month’s box. “Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream soothes and moisturizes dry skin. This glycerin-based cream is enriched with vitamin E, vitamin B2, and camphor. It has a uniquely high glycerin content and absorbability achieved through a special manufacturing process which makes Yu-Be so effective. Use it to smooth rough, dry patches on hands, elbows, knees, and feet. It softens and reduces tough calluses, including hard, cracked heels, and helps heal and prevent split cuticles. It replenishes lost moisture from water damage or frequent hand washing, helps heal and minimize scarring from burns, and protects and moisturizes skin exposed to cold, wind, and water.” Not only that, there’s no sulfates, synthetic dyes, and non-greasy. It really is moisturizing to the skin and doesn’t cause any irritation or redness to it as well. You can check out their website here. Other retailers sell this such as Amazon, etc, but also Sephora has it as well (Available online).

2. RiRe : Luxe Eye Lash Essence

  • I was actually one of the few that received the Essence in last month’s box when plenty of subscribers got the Mascara instead. I’d rather take the essence over the mascara any day (I honestly have too many mascaras haha). But the essence itself is white and the bristles on the brush are short and thick. So the Luxe Eye Lash Essence is supposed to strengthen and lengthen lashes with the help of black bean extract and black sesame.


3. Secret Key : Honey Bees – AC Control Spot Remover

  • Secret Key is a popular brand in Korea but this product in particular I’ve never heard of this particular product before (as pictured on the right). Good for sensitive skin, this product is supposed to help reduce the appearance of troubled skin while getting rid of those pesky blemishes. Definitely perfect to try because a pimple or two tends to pop up during that hormonal time. LOL So excited to try this!

4. Leaders Mediu : Snail Therapy Hand Cream

  • Quite excited for the Leaders Hand Cream. (You can’t have too much hand cream, now. LOL.) This product primarily focuses on those with dry or damaged hands and is full of lovely snail secretion–which is a good thing, really!

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

Happy for all the items I’ve received with the low cost of $12/monthly, you can check out the 3B Box here. ♡ 😀


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