aside Glossybox September 2015


Glossybox sends out 5 full or deluxe size luxury beauty products each month by brands such as Jouer, Lancome, and more. Each Glossybox beauty item is handpicked by their staff based upon your unique beauty profile. They also have limited edition boxes that sell out quickly along with some fabulous products so go check out their site! Cost: $21/monthly


5 Products

Description Card


1. 12 Benefits : Love at First Lather Foaming Hair Shampoo | Full Size $9.00 / 1.7 oz

  • I honestly don’t know whether to use this now or wait until I get the conditioner. LOL. This product from 12 Benefits consists of, “…Love At First Lather is all natural and free of sulfate, parabens, and silicone. A luxurious combination of plant sugar, coconut oils, and sunflower extract prolongs youthful hair, provides an exquisite feel, and is ideal for moisture balance in all hair textures.” It has a pretty aromatic perfume-like scent but the pump allows the product to be quite foamy. The directions recommend to pump at least 10-12 spurts then follow with a conditioner lather. I’m pretty excited for this but wonder if notice any difference in my hair too.


2. Stiks Cosmetics : Lipstik – RED | Full Size $15.00 / .10 oz

  • This is a new brand that I’ve never heard of before. Stiks Cosmetics is currently located in New York and they’re heavily known for their lipsticks in particular. Not only that, but they’re packaging represents a more modern and sleek look that’s very angular compared to the traditional lipstick tube. This was the Glossybox spoiler for September and I’m glad I got this one!


3. Biossanse : The Revitalizer | Full Size $58.00 / 1.7 oz

  • Main Ingredient: Squalane, a “..naturally occurring emollient in the body that works to replenish and hydrate the skin.” This moisturizer feels pretty amazing. With a thin liquid texture, this product feels nice on my skin while giving a faint glow. It really moisturizes the skin and targets those dry patches with deep hydration.


4. Emité Make Up : Artist Colour Powder Blush  – 108 | Full Size $22.00 / .35 oz

  • Another brand I’ve never heard of, Emite Cosmetics is from Europe—they’re Swedish to be exact. They focus on the artistic and creativity side of makeup but you can check out their website here. This powder blush is a beautiful shade and I’ll definitely be using this throughout the season. It works well and has more of a matte brown hue to it so don’t expect to see any shimmer from this product. Very neutral and soft, it’ll go well for a majority of looks.


5. Nails Inc. : Uptown Nail Polish | Full Size $14.00 / .47 oz

  • A lovely neutral pink shade, this would go well with pastels and something light for the Autumn season. It’s not exactly my favorite brand but it’s definitely a gorgeous shade that I’ll be wearing. It’ll last me awhile to get through this bottle completely.


Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

Loving September’s stik cosmetics lipstick, the biossance Revitalizer, and the powder brush from Emite makeup. I’ll definitely be using these products but I’ll be trying out the Nails Inc Uptown shade and the 12 Benefits love at first lather shampoo and seeing how they go!

Go ahead and check out Glossybox –Here!


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