aside Beauteque BBag September 2015

Beauteque‘s Beauty Bag contains various 5-7 full size Korean Beauty products or lifestyle items that’s mailed to you every month. Not only do they have a beauty bag from brands such as Etude House, Holika Holika, etc., they have a sheet mask subscription service for you sheet maskers called Mask Maven!

Cost: $24.00/monthly (BB Bag) ; Cost: $15.00/monthly (Mask Maven)


This month’s theme: Soothing Spa


Oh dem homemade amateur photography hour by me.


😀 Some good stuff!


1. Inner KalliaSpecial Care Modeling Pack : Vitamin | $6

  • This modeling pack, specifically Vitamin, is supposed to assist with blemishes while moisturizing and hydrating the skin. Subscribers this month will receive various styles–(Vitamin, Oily Skin, Cool, Charcoal, etc.) There’s a faint aroma to it but after application, the mask dries and you can literally peel the mask off. Modeling masks are fun in my opinion and can be beneficial for the skin as well!

2. The SaemMint Jungle Foot Cream | $12

  • It’s not very often I use foot cream. (It’s pretty rare really LOL ) But this minty cream for your feet smells absolutely amazing. Pretty hydrating on the skin and makes my feet baby soft.

3. Secret KeySecret Kiss Holic Pigment Glitter : Brown | $8

  • This is a great product to have especially when adding a little bit of ‘shimmer’ to the eyes. Just be careful during application because I almost got it in my eye…twice.


4. Modelling Pack Bowl & Stirrer | $5

  • Bowl and spatula! Used for mixing up powders from the modeling packs –specifically for the Kallia pack, this tool is handy to have, reusable, and also a good size. Subscribers will receive various colors.

5. AritaumAloe No Wash Cleansing Water | $22

  • The Aloe No-Wash Cleansing Water is absolutely something I need. “Containing Organic cultivation Aloe 91% from Jeju.  Non-added (3-Free): Artificial flavors, Synthetic pigments plus Mineral oils. Slightly acidic: Mild for sensitive skin.” It also “ensures a deep, soothing clean and removal of makeup! ” I like the scent of this a lot, it’s pretty gentle and I like using this as a makeup remover as well. Subscribers will either receive the Aloe by Aritaum (pictured above) or The Saem: Healing Tea Garden Green Tea Cleansing Water.

6. AcquaHerbal Soothing Cream | $18

  • This is a brand I’ve never heard of before. It’s used to, “..brighten, moisturize, and repair the skin..” You can use the product by itself, as a soothing gel for burns, or as a hand cream. Definitely soothing, this product also contains witch hazel and menthol. I tried this on my hands and it really has that menthol-like scent but I’m curious if it’ll help burns! I always tend to get boiling water from cooking, or accidentally hitting the iron while ironing. I actually like this cream a lot with it’s slightly thick texture and scent.


7. September Bag

  • This month’s bag is a bit small for my taste and the design is alright. It’s pretty narrow with a colorful printed leafy pattern that zips up on the top. I can see this being used to carry my brushes in or even used as a possible pencil pouch! 😀

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

Loving the variety of korean beauty products especially the Kallia mask, Aritaum Aloe Cleansing Water, and Acqua Soothing Herbal Cream!

You can check out Beauteque here!


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