Kawaiibox September 2015

Kawaiibox definitely keeps it’s theme for “kawaii”.

With 11 cute things included.

September 2015 Kawaiibox

Kawaiibox, cute monthly subscription service that sends out various amazing lifestyle items from Japan and Korea. They send out items from a number of popular brands such as Totoro, Pocky, Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, and more. They cost for this monthly subscription service is $18.90 and shipping is free!

  1. These Kabaya fish gummies are so cute..and strange. It comes with fish of course, but also a …pregnant fish? And ..egg? I’m assuming more like egg, kid fish, and adult fish family-type theme. LOL. These are very soft and chewy but also surprisingly sour! Almost resembles Sour Patch kids but the sour factor is more merciful and isn’t coated heavily in sugar much.
  2.  Kawaii Foods Sticker Set is sooo kawaii! Stickers are heavily needed. I use these for postage designs, to stick on my planner, or as a label for my cosmetic boxes. Even the veggies have a smile on their face.

3. Moomin Mini Pouch. When I first saw this I wondered how a leprechaun got into my box. This cute little pouch can be a storage pocket for small items such as jewelry or buttons. The zipper holds the pouch securely and you can hang it on your purse or backpack. The leprechaun is a Moomin character and subscribers this month will receive various kinds.

4. Fragrance beads. This is where the “Kawaii lifestyle” part kicks in. The beads come in a very small container and subscribers will receive different colors of this. It really is a cute little container but I definitely wasn’t expecting it. The blue one that was given has a fresh, slightly rain forest, scent to it.

5. Gotta have some stationary involved with Kawaiibox. The cute animal greeting card is absolutely useful to have and also comes with an envelope! Is that a cute little polar bear with a fish on its head..?

6. It’s a strange design for a pen. The cap is an adorable bunny head with its neck cranked over to the side which gives the cuteness factor a slight creepiness to it. However, definitely love this month’s pen! A Neck Stretching Bunny Pen that’ll give people the double take.

7. This Kawaii Toast Squishy Charm isn’t edible but adds a personal touch as a cellphone charm. Seriously, a piece of toast on your phone is pretty amazing. Not only that, the toast is pretty happy with it’s cute ” :3 ” expression.

8. The DIY Bracelet kit is pretty adorable with all materials you need in the organized container to make customized beaded jewelry. Comes with various beads along with threading but this isn’t exactly my favorite thing from this month’s Kawaii Box but I’ll definitely use it to make smaller charm bracelets for my keys or bookbag.

9. This cute little egg plush is so adorable and kawaii like Gudetama- the Japanese egg character. This plush resembles an egg yolk with a cute little Kappa-like head. It really is cute and the sleepy/happy expression is absolutely priceless.

10. Loving this alpaca pouch. The design with the alpaca is absolutely adorable. Pouches like these are good for makeup, brushes, pencils, or other items. It definitely makes a good traveling case and zips up at the top. Kawaiibox seems to always hold an alpaca-themed item, especially these last few months. I’m personally alright with that, so carry on to the cuteness!

11. This type of japanese candy by Caplico really does represent actual ice cream on a waffle cone. It tastes almost like a chocolate wafer so you really can’t go wrong with this product. But if you like these kinds of yummy snacks, you can also check out the Japan Candy Box, the monthly subscription service that sends out several Japanese snacks from the same company as Kawaiibox.

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

I love all these items with the alpaca pouch as a personal favorite. Can’t wait to use those stickers and show off that cranked neck bunny pen! If you’re interested in all things kawaii then this box may be for you. You can check out here!


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