aside Mishibox October 2015

Mishibox is a new Korean beauty subscription service that sends out various kbeauty products conveniently to your door every month. They send out a variety of 4-6 deluxe sized samples to full sized Korean beauty products all from Korean brands. Cost: 19.95/monthly

Some lovely K-Beauty Items!

Front Side

Back Side

Totally digging the custom orange wrapping paper for Halloween which is a change from their original teal packaging.

  1. Saint PeauBaobab Soft Peeling Gel | Retail Price: $10 | 120ml (4.05 fl oz)
  • Never heard of Saint Peau before but their product, Baobab Soft Peeling Gel is something to look forward to. Containing sap from the beautiful baobao tree, this product moisturizes and revitalizes the skin while improving elasticity and removing dead skin cells. Peelers take awhile for me to use since the recommended usage is 1 or 2 times a week but I’ll vouch that it does make my skin silky soft afterwards. The scent itself is good and I recommend on using this product or give it a try. It’s a peeling gel for the feet so use it as a way to pamper yourself for a relaxing spa day!

2. Holika HolikaPig Nose Clear Black Head 3-Step Kit | Retail Price: $4 | 13g (0.46 oz)

  • Another Holika Holika product in this month’s box. They’re pretty popular and this product in particular is very well known. A cult favorite, this 3-Step kit Pig Nose Clear Blackhead takes about 35-50 minutes and removes blackheads while reducing the size of enlarged pores. 1st step opens up the pores, 2nd step eliminates blackheads, and 3rd reduces the size of the pores while leaving skin soft. I’m currently going through the Ciracle Blackhead remover sheets but I took a break to try this product out. Make sure you give yourself quite a lot of timely leeway. It’s pretty effective and cleans pretty deep but this isn’t necessarily my favorite product when removing blackheads. What I like about this product is the ideal of cleansing, stripping the blackheads, then shrinking the size of pores in one lovely 3-step kit. Ah, conveniency. LOL.

3. SNPBird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask | Retail Price: $3 | 25 ml (0.84 fl oz)

  • This mask from SNP is packed with essence and their main ingredient, bird’s swiftlet nest extract is surprisingly and literally, made out of bird’s saliva. So, yes. The ingredient is an extract from bird’s saliva. I have several SNP products (with bird’s swiftlet nest extract) and I always find them to be hydrating and nourishing. The ampuole mask is actually one of my personal favorites so I recommend this to anyone to give it a try!

4. EnpraniPremiercell Skin Softener | Retail Price: $13 | 50ml (1.69 fl oz) , $40 | 150 ml (5.97 fl oz)

  • This product comes from, “… Enprani’s anti-oxidation and anti-aging Premiercell line. The softener (toner) is ideal for those needing wrinkle care, moisturization, and elasticity.” (Mishibox Information card) This really is moisturizing and with a..slight floral? scent to it.

5. EnpraniPremiercell Emulsion | Retail Price: $16 | 50 ml (1.69 fl oz), $42 | 130 ml (4.39 fl oz)

  • According to Koreadepart, it has ingredients such as Lily and Rose Extract along with smoothening skin properties to give adequate moisture. It’s a very moisturizing emulsion and like the toner, focuses on anti-oxidation and anti-aging properties.

  • These last couple boxes from Mishibox included sample gifts sets. (ex. YADAH and Magis Lene set) This time, Mishibox is introducing the brand, Enprani.
  • What’s noticeably different is the actual size of this mini set. It’s not the small typical sample size ranging at 1.5 – 2 inches tall. This set in particular is literally about 4 inches long which is a good standard for travel size containers. Double the size compared from last month’s set which is great but also instead of the traditional 6 they’ve been sending since they started, this month’s only has 5.

Overall: [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ] [ ❤ ]

Mishibox brought out some popular products this month, Holika Holika’s 3-Step Black Head pack and SNP’s Bird’s Nest Ampoule Mask. They also provided 2 brands I’ve never heard of –Enprani and Saint Peau. Feeling pretty good about this month’s box but none of these items excite me and the sets are becoming a turn off for me. I still recommend this box and I’m hoping next month’s will be better!

If you’re interested in exploring the world of Korean Beauty, you can check out Mishibox here!


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